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As we move towards our goal of being a world-class university, we will support research on a global scale. Locally, our campus will service the research needs of the learning community, granting access to many informational resources in the fast track ways.


European Campus provides access to higher education opportunities that enable students to develop knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations and provide leadership and service to their communities.” in the nation and the world.


Discerning which type of program is best suited to a given student population is not difficult. A simple inventory of students’ languages, available teaching staff and space will easily determine if the Graduate and professional in our campus program is necessary, and when done well, both are excellent ways to learn with new technology.

Online Lecture

Events Program

Scholarship for Education​

Scholarship Fund for Higher Education and Research of Sri Lankan Poor Students

We are providing scholarships  for our students of higher Education and research, have been designed too for less privileged persons,  it cuts across all strata of life without anybody been left out.

The ICE University is delighted to invite applications for this excellence scholarship, the objective of this scholarship program is to avail the best and brightest students from around the globe, with tuition remission scholarships based on academic merit, as well as community, leadership and sporting achievements.

Donation for Education

Donation for the Higher Education and Research of Sri Lankan Poor Students

The ambition of The IEC University College is to be the best University in the country, state or private. State funding is not sufficient to achieve this standard of excellence.We expect that every family who has chosen IEC University for their Student, and who can afford to, to make a monthly voluntary donation in support of this ambition.

Your requested voluntary donation towards your son’s education at IEC University is $30 -$50 per month per student. Higher income families may be able & willing to contribute significantly more.

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Education + Online Sources

We are, European University College(EUC) an Educational University College having more than 8 branches in Sri Lanka. We have been in the education sector for the past 20 years of excellence. Being an accredited member/partner for International Universities in Sri Lanka.

With the most skilled, trained and talented staff, we offer the Diploma, HND, Degree, Master Degree, PhD, and professional qualifications with the guidance of our IEC Consultation team and provide help & advice to students who pursue higher education & career locally and internationally

IEC – University College is tanged with many infrastructure improvements in having our Labs and making the students taste the word of practical experiment at IEC. 

Self Student Verification

European University College(EUC) provides self student verification facility through the online. This system helps to verify a document’s authentication. All passout student’s details will show entering student register number.

Click here to check passout details.