Bachelor of Education Degree

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is a 3-4 years undergraduate professional degree
program and leading qualification for students who choose their profession to become a
teacher in future.
At present, the level of opponents for admission to teacher education programs is
comparatively huge, so, preference is given to the first come first saves basis.
B.Ed. will consist of 16 courses including, professional, general, practical and academic
components offered by the Faculty of Alternative & Teacher Education.
On completion of this course, the student teacher will be able to describe the
appropriate Standards for Teaching, compare the current debates, concepts and issues
in education and their relationship to wider political, economic and social developments,
analyze some research problems that underpin practice etc..


If you wish to register for the B.Ed. study program at our campus (IEC), the entry
requirement is as following:
 Be below 52 years of age,
 3 pass in GCE Advanced Level Examination.
 National Diploma in Teaching or trained teachers’ certificate or a diploma from a
recognized Institute leading to placement in the teacher service equivalent
 Continuous service from the date of the first appointment as a teacher.
IEC has the right to select applicants for admission for this study programme, from
those considered to be qualified for admission under the basis of either their
performance at a selection test or by an interview or both.

Faculty of Education

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(Tamil/ Sinhala)

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(Maths)

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(Science)

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(English)

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(History)

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(Geography)

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(Concealing)

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(Special Education)

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(Primary)

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(2nd language))

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(IT)

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(Health Education)

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(Art)

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(Art and Graft)

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education(Agriculture)



Education Faculty   Key Information

The Bachelor of Education programme has been developed to produce competent, committed and dedicated teachers who are much needed for both public and private sector schools in Sri Lanka. The programme which is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka and offered by the Horizon Campus consists of professional and general components along with field practicum.

  • Approval status : This course is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka.Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF) recognition
    The award conferred upon completion is recognized in the SLQF at Level 6.


Career Outcomes

Progress to further study at post graduate level in Education and Teaching Graduate Teacher at Government, Private or International


B.Ed Teaching Practice is compulsory for all candidates. This will be conducted in two stages as follows:

Stage I :The candidates will begin their Teaching Practice in the sixth semester in the school of their choice under a mentor/supervisor. They will teach two subjects per day for ten weeks amounting to 100 periods. An evaluator appointed by the coordinator will evaluate the teaching of the candidate at least in five periods.

Stage II:The candidates will be evaluated in two periods in a school nominated by the coordinator and evaluated by an evaluator appointed by the coordinator.

Please note : A candidate has to successfully complete Stage I to be called for Stage II of the Teaching Practice.

Year 1 :

  1. Educational Administration and Management
  2. Philosophical Foundations of Education
  3. Educational Psychology
  4. Teaching Methodology

Year 2 :

  1. Educational Measurements and Evaluation
  2. Comparative Education
  3. Educational Guidance and Counselling
  4. Curriculum Management

Year 3 :

  1. English
  2. Sinhala/ Tamil (2nd language)
  3. Presentation Techniques
  4. Classroom Teaching Skills
  5. Teaching Practice