Faculty of Engineering

At the Faculty of Engineering we are driven by the urge to create value for and
with society, by curiosity and by the will to attain that which only few could
imagine would be possible. Through research, education, and collaboration, our
ambition is to nurture talent, address challenges, create possibilities, and
promote sustainable development.
Engineering facilities gives outstanding career opportunities worldwide.
Whether you're a high school student trying to learn more about engineering, a
potential graduate student considering advanced study through a master's or
doctoral degree, a company or industry representative wondering if our
university can assist you with a research problem, we're positive that the
Faculty of Engineering can help you.
The Faculty of Engineering offers programs designed to develop professional
competence and prepare students to solve the technical problems of society
and the global environment.
Degrees and exchange opportunities are available in a variety of sub-
disciplines in engineering all with close links to local industry.

Faculty of Engineering- Entry Requirement

1. Qualification : A/L  3  Pass  Bio Stream
2. Duration Period: Regular System: 3 Years
3. 1 Year –TOPUP Fast Track Course HND or NVQ5/6 Civil Engineer, QS any
other officers 5 Years’ Experience.
4. Class: Weekends (Saturday / Sunday) 6 Hours
5. Total Hours: 675
6. Exam: Face to Face

Faculty of Engineering

  • BSc – In Computer Engineering

  • BSc – In Civil Engineering

  • BSc – In Mechanical Engineering

  • BSc – In Electrical Engineering

  • QS