I tank this as one of the most precious movement to uphold and address the nation of International European Campus with adequate knowledge and acquaintance in facilitating education to our students.

We as a team expecting for a better lifestyle to the people residing in our land and in the entire  sri lanka  with an objective of involving & developing global interaction to our fellow citizens.

Our strategies are planned aiming for a better higher educational institution in the Eastern region of sri lanka, mainly accommodating each soul with the movie of striking the sky. As for the past years we were very well welcome by the people of Democratic Socialist republication of Sri Lanka by supporting and inspiring our goals into the path of success. Our campus is well designed in accommodating and creating an environment of art-of-education,

International European Campus provides various Bachelor Degree Programs in period of 3 years exploiting our Faculties; Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Business Management & Tourism, Faculty of Agriculture & Research Management, Faculty of Art & Design , Faculty of Medical Science ,Faculty of Law.


International European Campus Possesses a well efficient and reliable team for shaping the student engaging in international perspective of their education. Our students will be able to accommodate themselves locally & internationally. Our lectures & Administrative Staff Shall Abide by the moral principles of “International European Campus” while catering the utmost satisfaction to our stakeholders and deliver the required CSR to our citizens.

I shall specially thank my colleagues and those who have this day come a realty while contributing of the future, may almighty shower his blessing to our student and future objectives.

Thank you

W.M. Mahusook,

(Tally Graduate ,Master Hypnotherapist , SHRM, BBA, MSc in BD, Phd.)

Founder, Chairman / Director of Academic

International European Campus